Facebook Changes

Happy Thursday!

I ran into one of my client friend today. She says why aren’t you posting anymore? I said I ‘am! I don’t see your posts.

Well Facebook is making it harder for pages ,like I mentioned for the last month. The changes are making Facebook pages dead. We worked so very hard to get our follower and like base and to get our work out there. I can tell a big difference in this last month.

To keep us in your newsfeed , you need to press following, turn  get notifications on, than select see first.

➡Another step Join Our Group! We have a group link on our website and page.

➡Subscribe to our website.

We appreciate all of you!❤

We are very grateful for our past clients and our current clients ,but mostly for sharing us to your family and friends, following our journey and for shopping handmade furniture and decor.

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