This is a blog about decor and the joys of creating custom handmade beautiful furniture and decor. My husband does this between HIS FULLTIME Job and on weekends.
We do this HOBBY out of our own home ,so unfortunately we do not have a store or a showroom, we have a messy garage where pieces are built and sent out right away.
Regarding Wood:
We love what we do and hope it shows in our work. Please be aware before ordering that each item varies in style & colour. We spend time picking out the perfect—not so perfect wood that is full of knots, cracks & beautiful grains. Often times real wood shrinks in cold, dry weather and gaps in between boards may become slightly bigger over time. There’s actually a technical name for it called “seasonal movement”. We believe this adds to the “rustic” look we’re trying to maintain (and it’s also easier to clean in between boards)
Just a reminder friends with our furniture pieces. Don’t forget to preserve your creations with a preservative cleaner. This is not laminated furniture. This cleaner you will find at home hardware and Canadian Tire . It’s called Scott’s Liquid Gold.
How We Work!
We have a PRE-ORDER system, once FULL PAYMENT is made or a ( half deposit depending on TIMELINE and ORDER) , you get put into the schedule. That guarantees your spot since we fill up quickly. Once your order starts it has to be paid in FULL .
Please be advised of the long wait list before ordering, furniture takes time to create and we have a long list ahead of us. If you’re wondering how the number system works , you are given a number, once your number is up your order gets done! Please make sure to order all desired pieces at one time to help the booking process run smoothly :)
As we go along the orders move up. This way we don’t give a TIMELINE or a MONTH , when your number is up your ORDER gets done. It relieves the pressure on us.
Starting in MAY 2017 from than on ,we are taking a week off in each month. Gives us time to do the things we need to do for ourselves etc.
We are also grateful for all the referrals, that is the best advertisement that we can ask for.
There is an expression people use – All good things come to those who wait. Patience is needed in custom work, but it will be worth the wait, budget friendly decor.
We also have a website with everything on there.
Our order system goes to #50 than we start again at 1.  Affordable decor we do, but patience is needed. We do our best to move along, as we finish a bunch of orders , numbers move up. We have little things in between as well, WOODWORKING is a process unfortuately. So at times you may see numbers out of sort , thats because once one is setting others can begin, or if an item is small it won’t take long.
We have endless Modern Rustic possibilities, we are here to help you with your decor needs. We may have a lengthy timeline , but that is due to taking pride and time in our work. We have earned the trust and friendships of many many clients. We are here from all the amazing referrals and shares. We believe in our blog and the countless hours we put into our page and work to be who we are today. Our blog has been established since 2013. We thank YOU for that ! ❤We truly are blessed that you are part of our family here at The Rustic House By The Little Things By Jo xoxo

All pictures belong to The Rustic House By The Little Things By Jo


Stain Guide:

We customize every piece to your specific taste. This includes your finish color. We use all Minwax stains.

Our most popular choice -Jacobean (Deep, rich dark Brown tone)