Life With An Invisible Illness

Usually the topic would be decor, but today I will share my thought on invisible illness.

This  post is dedicated to those who believe people who live with an invisible illness  are faking, lying , lazy and any other negative thoughts you many have come across ,because you don’t look sick. 

I  am writing to help spread awareness about what living with invisible illness looks like. While you can never truly understand the day-to-day struggles of a person with an invisible illness (I truly hope you never experience this yourself), it is my hope that this post will help to open your eyes to what other people are going through.

There are  alot of  invisible illnesses than we can write  about , but some include  arthritis, depression, anxiety ,fibromyalgia , disk dengerative disease, and so many more!

All of these invisible illnesses take an incredible toll on a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you don’t have it , it would be hard for you to understand.

Those who live with chronic pain are impacted of course with physical pain but also feel mentally exhausted and often emotionally exhausted as well.   Those with a mental health condition/disorder are both emotionally and mentally impacted but they also feel physical pain thanks to feelings of exhaustion, stomach aches, and many other symptoms.

Let’s talk about me for  an example.  I have many health issues from Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Disk Dengerative disease,  I need a whole new back and spine,  (and recently in my back and spine stenois and arthritis and osteopenia) , and I’m pre diabetic.

Fibromyalgia  alone includes  muscle pain and spasms, fatigue, insomnia, brain fog (difficulty concentrating & remembering), tingling, stomach pain and digestive issues, feeling anxious and depressed and so much more.

This is for life. While there are things I  can do to help  manage the symptoms ,  but there’s no cure.

I needed an escape, I had two businesses prior to my illness.  That’s when the blog came into place.

I started the blog back in 2013 .  Like I stated in my pinned post on the page, that one piece I had my husband make,  and blogged about it ,made what the The Rustic House is today. (grateful & blessed).  It’s my way to contribute to our family, makes me feel that I have accomplished something,  (some days anyways) , but mostly I love to make people happy!

I’m completely exhausted  and in pain while I work and after work and have to spend most of the night on the couch.  You see, people with chronic pain/illness only have so much drive  in a day.   Doing an activity takes a lot out of me  and once the energy is  gone, I’m done for the day.  I  simply don’t  have any drive left.

I’am grateful that I did not have this disease when my kids were small.  I feel I’m  a wonderful mother ,but I  feel guilty that I  can’t be as physically active as I once was.  I put on my usual smile, but more often than not it’s a way to hide the pain.

This post was not written to get your pity or sympathy. It’s to show you the reality of living with and invisible illness. The people you think are faking or lazy or weak are actually incredible warriors. Each day they fight their bodies physically, mentally, and emotionally to take part in society. They put a smile on their face, show up and do their very best.

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