Simple, Space Saving Wall Shelving Ideas

All  rooms regardless of their function, size and decor , need space for storage.  If you have trouble finding a solution that allows you to maintain a decluttered room , to efficiently store and display everything you need and to save space at the same time we may have a solution for you.    There is one piece that always solves the problem. We’re talking about wall-mounted floating shelves or cubby wall shelves.  They’re simple, practical and they allow you to save valuable floor space.


Let’s  start with the living room ,because it’s usually the central area of the home.  Living rooms are social areas and they’re usually spacious. They should stay this way so solutions must be found to keep the decor uncluttered while also solving the storage problems. A few simple shelves would be great for displaying decorations and storing small items.









There are endless ideas when it comes to space saving.  Let’s not forget cubby wall shelving.




Floating shelves  and wall cubby’s can be installed anywhere you want, and this makes them very versatile and practical.

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